What if my items get lost via post?

custom_only.pngPostal service is a very effective method of getting large volumes of receipts and invoices into your client(s) account, or even as a means to just stay on top of your monthly bookkeeping; 

As soon as they are received at one of the scanning centres we will upload them to Receipt Bank the same day. However, before they arrive at the scanning centre they are the responsibility of the postal service.

In the unlikely event that your bags are not in the scanning centre after 15 working days in the UK, and 3 in Australia, we will help you to open the correct communication channels and locate your items.

Information on the exact procedures and timings can be found on the Royal Mail website for UK clients and the Australian Postal Service website for those down under.

As an alternative to our freepost service, you can send items by courier, use recorded delivery or even next day if you are working towards a deadline.

Please note, that postal submission is currently only available in the UK and Australia.


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