Can anyone else submit items on my behalf?

custom_extract.pngAbsolutely! Using the E-mail method of submission, one need not always be the person who submits items to your account.

We realise that the nice thing about E-mail submission is that it can be done from anywhere - and that’s why we don’t always require you to be at a computer to forward those items on to your address.

There will be times when the most convenient process would be for your accountant, colleague or even your spouse to send the items directly to your account.

Provided there are single items in each attached file, Receipt Bank is happy to accept all submissions to your account to anyone with whom you have shared your personal E-mail address.

In keeping with the international, digital age, this allows your suppliers to submit for you with a mere click, from all far flung corners of the globe.

To find your personalised e-mail address please login to your Receipt Bank account and navigate to the ‘Add items’ tab. Open ‘E-mail’ and there it is:

More information about e-mailing items is found here in our HelpCentre.



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