The 'Filter' menu

custom_extract.pngSo you've logged into Receipt Bank first thing in the morning and are faced with a full inbox - how do you know where to start?

For example, what if we only want to look at receipts with no tax?

Luckily, we've a nifty selection of filtering options to help you easily and quickly distinguish between receipts that you need to action! 

In order to use them please login to your Receipt Bank account, then:

 1.Click on the ‘Inbox’ tab


2.Find the 'Filter' icon on the left hand side of the 'Supplier search' box and click it.


3.A drop down menu will appear giving you numerous filter options:

 4.Tick one of the options and click 'Filter.' As you can see here, we've checked 'Without Tax' so all those receipts carrying tax will be ignored and we can work on what we need to!

Working through the inbox by focussing on important filter groups like tax, currency and notes will ensure an efficient inbox workflow.

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