What Can I Do With My Backlog of Items?

Sometimes new Receipt Bank clients have large backlogs of items that need to be processed.

Fortunately, Receipt Bank can make the process of dealing with hundreds of paper items much easier.

We suggest that if you plan to deal with your backlog all at once that you subscribe to a plan for a single month that will cover the number of items you need to send in.

Let’s say your business expects to send about 100 items per month and this is the subscription level you wish to go with. However, you currently have a backlog of 250 items that needs to be processed. What you can do is initially subscribe to a 300 item per month plan to cover your first month. You will then send your backlog and then modify your subscription to a 100 item per month plan.

In this way, you can modify your subscription level at any time to better reflect the needs of your business. If you ever find that you need more or less items per month, you can always update your subscription to reflect that.

  • Our post-in option is very useful for dealing with a large backlog. For a small fee, you can have an envelope dispatched to your address. You will place all of your items you wish to have processed into this envelope which you will mail back to Receipt Bank.


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