Where will my items be published to in Xero?

custom_only.pngWith Receipt Bank you can send items through to the 'Bank accounts' and 'Purchases' sections of Xero.

Below is a guideline of where to send items. It is not mandatory to send items to these areas and if your accountants tell you otherwise then listen to them!

Bank accounts

These are transactions from your bank accounts that have accrued due to the normal operation of your business. 

Expense Claims

There are two methods you can use to handle expenses with Receipt Bank and Xero:

  • 1. It requires the employee to be set up in Xero. Then link the employee from your Receipt Bank 'Maintain users' tab to Xero. The employee's items will be then published directly to the ‘Expenses claims’ section in Xero, where you can approve them.
  • 2. It does not require the employee to be set up in Xero. Instead the employee sends their items to Receipt Bank and then creates Expense Reports within Receipt Bank. At this point, someone with authorisation privileges can publish the data in Xero. From there the Expense Report can be paid and the payment reconciled with the bank transaction.


From here you pay bills through Xero. It's the default section.

When an item is in the ‘Draft’ section of ‘Purchases’ it is possible to edit it.

Within the details of the bill you can also find a copy of the bill itself.

Once happy with the details, you can save and submit for approval, or if you have authorisation you can approve directly.

If you're on extract account then the only publishing destination will be Purchases as Draft, where you can further edit the items, mark them as paid, etc.
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