How to add a client account

Adding a Client Account will create a specified space to receive, review and manage the businesses bookkeeping documentation

Note: this functionality is only available for Bookkeeper & Account accounts.. Find out more about the different Receipt Bank products here.

To create a client account:

  1. Log in to your Receipt Bank]( account.
  2. Navigate to the 'Client Management’ tab.
  3. Click the ‘Add Client’ button at the top-left of your dashboard
  4. Fill in the following details:
    • Account Name: the name of your client’s business
    • Base Currency: the currency that your client typically works with
    • Account Country: the country that your client’s business is based in
    • First Name: the first name of the Receipt Bank account owner for your client’s business
    • Last Name: the surname of the Receipt Bank account owner for your client’s business
      Email: The email address for the Receipt Bank account owner for your client’s business

TIP: This email address will be the username that the user needs to log in.

  • Password: Enter a password for the user to log in with. They will be prompted to change this the first time that they log in.
  • Mobile Number: The mobile number for your client. We will only ever use this to send an SMS invitation to use the Receipt Bank app.
  • Notify via Email: choose whether to send an email to the client inviting them to use Receipt Bank
  • Notify via SMS: choose whether to send a text message to the client inviting them to use the Receipt Bank mobile app
  • Email-in Address: Specify the email address that the client can use with the Email-in Submission method.

Once you’ve filled in all of the required details, scroll to the bottom of the menu and press ‘Next’. If you’ve already set up your colleagues as users on your Receipt Bank Partner Account, you can now select which people will be given access to view, edit and manage the client account.
Click "save". Your client will now be added to your Partner Dashboard.

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