How does Receipt Bank charge?

Receipt Bank is a subscription based service. We do not charge per item or per user, but rather on a fixed subscription tier.

When you subscribe to a plan, you choose between a single or multi-user account. There is a slight increase in flat cost for a multi-user account, but you are not charged for the individual users on a multi-user account. You are free to create as many user profiles on a multi-user account as you need.

Each tier is based on the number of items you submit each month. If you subscribe to a 50 item per month plan, you can submit up to 50 items each month. There is a fair usage policy that gives you a bank of 150 items to use in any given three month period. This way it’s not a problem if you need to submit more than 50 items one month as long as you stay beneath 150 items for any three months. This format is applicable to all subscription levels.

You also have the option of doing a yearly subscription. It’s identical in cost to a monthly subscription, but spaced out over an annual period. You have a bank of items to use over the course of your 12 month subscription and you pay for the entire year in advance. This is useful for businesses that do not wish to be billed on a monthly basis.

We offer subscription payments in multiple currencies as well, including: Pounds Sterling, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Euros, and US Dollars.

Please have a look at our different pricing plans here:


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