How to republish my items to KashFlow

custom_only.pngThere can be a number of reasons why you might need to republish your items from Receipt Bank to KashFlow.

Some of them might be because you had to edit the item, or there was a publish error that says it already exists in KashFlow.

To ensure that duplicates are not created in your accounting software we put an electronic tag on all items after they have been published. You can remove this tag to allow them to be republished by following the instructions below.

1. Login to your KashFlow account
2. Find the item in your ‘Purhases’ tab
3. Select and delete it


Then go back to your Receipt Bank account and login. Open your Archive and select the item.

1) Click the ‘Unarchive’ option button in the far right


2) A pop-up window will appear. Select the ‘Clear Publishing Data’ option and then click the green ‘Unarchive’ button


3) Go to the ‘Ready for Export’ tab in your ‘Inbox’ and republish the item by clicking the "Publish" button

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