How Receipt Bank codes your items

When you submit a receipt for a supplier that you haven’t set-up a default category for, we take a best guess approach and assign one that we think is appropriate.

If you decide to change this default category, Receipt Bank will remember this for all future items from that supplier. 

You can identify which suppliers Receipt Bank has remembered a category for by going to your 'Suppliers' tab. Here next to the 'Category' name you will see a small icon that indicates that this rule was set by Receipt Bank. 

If you would like to change this category rule to another default category, simply change the category from the dropdown and Receipt Bank will remember this for the future. 

We recommend that you set default categories for your suppliers so that you know that any items coming from them will be categorised as you set it.

You can do this under the 'Suppliers' tab.Autocategorisation of new items can be switched off from the 'General' tab of your 'Account Settings' menu.



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