Do I have to pay for my clients' accounts?


At Receipt Bank our loyalty is to you - our Partner.

We understand and respect that it is your decision on how you would like to manage your clients, after all - you know them best!

Therefore by charging you directly for each client based on their level of usage we allow you to dictate how that cost is administered. Whether it is passed on to the client or managed internally, your pricing decisions are firmly in your hands.

Your dedicated Account Manager will also be on hand to discuss this with you, as well as any other queries you have, ensuring Receipt Bank is streamlining down your processes through saving you time on data entry. This enables you to grow your business and spend time with your clients on those more value-added activities!

By paying for your clients, it saves not only your clients time from having to input their details, but also yourselves having to monitor their invoicing for them.

Further to this, bringing a client on board in the future is as simple as filling in their details on the website and you are ready to go! No hassle from those extra bills and invoices that you are so ready to get rid of!

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