Can I setup email forwarding rules?

custom_extract.pngSetting up email auto-forwarding for your supplier invoices is quick and easy to do.

When setting  it up in your email account please use your personal Receipt Bank address,, as the email address to forward your invoices to.

To find out how to setup email forwarding from your email account please speak to your mail service provider.

  • For example, if you use Gmail you can do it by following these steps:
1. Head to your settings (the cog in the top right >> settings)

2. 'Add a forwarding address' under 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP'

3. The auto-forwarding code should make it back to your Gmail address (check your spam box as it often ends up there).
4. Remember to apply smart filters so you don't send all your non-payable items to us!
  • In case you are using Apple mail, you can set up email forwarding by following these steps : 
1. Choose Mail > Preferences, then click Rules.
2. Click Add Rule, then type a name for the rule.
3. Indicate whether any or all of the conditions must be true for the rule to be applied.
4. Set the conditions that determine which messages to automatically reply to or forward.
5. Apply smart filters so only account payable items will end in your Receipt Bank account. You wouldn't want to send all your correspondence to us!
If the code doesn’t turn up, please let us know which address you sent it to here and we can look into it for you.
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