How to create an expense report

Building an Expense Report within Receipt Bank provides you with a summary of your expense information that you can submit for approval to your company.

Creation of an expense report is done from within your Receipt Bank ‘Inbox’.

1. Select the item(s) you wish to add to an expense report by clicking the checkbox on the left.

Add to expense report

2.Click 'Add to expense report'

3. In the pop up, select whether to create a new expense report or add to an Existing report.

4. If creating a new report, select who the report is for and the date for the report. If adding to an existing report, select the report to add items to.

5. Click 'Add'

Please note that your items will automatically move into your 'Archive' after added to an expense report. To disable this, you might change your 'Archiving' settings.


Generally we can accommodate up to 6 categories when exporting an expense report into PDF. The workaround at this stage would be to split the expense report in two so that there are 6 different categories in each one.
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