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Help-Centre_Partner3.gifItems move from your 'Inbox' to your 'Archive' tab once they have been published - either to an accounting system, by downloading or adding to an expense report.

Items will be kept in your ‘Archive’ for a minimum of 10 years in order to comply with tax authorities.

To send an item back to your 'Inbox', simply select the item and click 'Unarchive'. Please note that if you are intending on republishing an item you will also have to check the box to ‘clear publishing data’ for that item.

If you wish to download items, simply select the item(s) using the check box on the left of each item and then click download - You can download your items as a spreadsheet or PDF file.

Use the archive folder to store receipts for warranties - never lose them and easily find them using the ‘advanced search’ feature!

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