The 'Archive' Page

After items have been published, downloaded or added to an Expense Report, they’ll be available to view from the ‘Archive’ tab of the inbox.

You can access the Archive by pressing the ‘Archive’ button within orange banner of the ‘Inbox’ page.


If you’d like to move an item from the Archive back to the Inbox, select the item using the checkboxes down the left-hand side of the page and click ‘Unarchive’. You’ll be asked if you want to clear the publishing data for the item. You’ll need to clear the publishing data if you plan on republishing the item to your Integrated Accounting Software.

If you wish to [download]archived items, simply select the item(s) using the check box on the left of each item and then click download - You can download your items as a spreadsheet or PDF file.

You can use the Archive tab to store all of your documentation. They’ll be stored for 10 years and searchable using the filter and search features.

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