How to link a Payment Method to a Bank Account

Note: This feature is only available for Direct, Streamline and Optimize Receipt Bank accounts.

In order to publish items to bank accounts within your integrated accounting software you will first need to tell Receipt Bank which of your bank accounts an item should be matched with.

This is dictated within Receipt Bank by the payment method for an item. Your payment methods can be linked to the appropriate bank account which they come out of to point Receipt Bank to that bank account for any items which you set the payment method for.

If you would like to do this please follow these step-by-step instructions:

 1. Go to your ‘Account Settings’ menu.

 2. Select 'Maintain Lists' then 'Payment Methods' section.

 3.Under 'Add New Payment Method' name your payment method and where possible include the Reference (Last 4 digits of the card)

 4. Click 'Add'

 5. You can now link that Payment Method to your ‘Bank Account’ and set the area of your software that you would like the item to go in the 'Publish to' field.

There is also the option to turn on ‘Auto-publish’ for items paid for using that Payment Method. With this feature, as soon as an item paid for using that Payment Method has been processed it will automatically be exported to your accounting software.

Every time you submit an item paid for using a different Payment Method it will be added automatically to your ‘Bank Accounts and Payment Methods’.

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