How does Receipt Bank handle duplicate documents?

custom_extract.pngThe way our software works means Receipt Bank will merge items based on few criteria:

  • Supplier, Date, Total amount and the User who submitted the item for the receipts/statements.
  • Supplier, Invoice number, Total amount for the invoices. This also applies to credit notes. 

When the software scans your items, it checks that there has not been a previous submission with the above details. 

When a match is found, the system will automatically merge the two items and flag it as so.

Please note that if different users under your multi-user account submit duplicate invoices or credit notes, the system will merge them. The user who submitted the item first will keep the merged result meaning the second (or later) submitter will end up without an item.

That rule, however, won't apply to receipts/statements. Duplicate receipts/statements submitted by different users under the account will be processed as usual and remain into each of the user's accounts.

If the system merge was applied without need, there is the option to un-merge the items if you wish.

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