The 'Account Settings' page

custom_only.pngReceipt Bank processes your receipts and invoices using rules that you create. Your 'Account settings' menu is where you can tweak things to your liking.

  • 'General' tab

    You can set the default rules for your items from within the 'General' tab. Including payment status, due dates, categorisation and archiving.

  • 'Integration' tab

    The 'Integration' tab will allow you to link Receipt Bank to your accounting software. You can fine tune the integration settings in here, such as where items are sent, tax settings and automatic publishing.

  • 'My details' tab

    In the 'My Details' tab you can change your personal details (including password), set or alter your personal Receipt Bank email and change which notifications you receive and how often you receive them.

  • 'Account details' tab

    In the account details section you can change the basic details of the account, add your accountant and most important - subscribe or change the current plan that you are on.

  • 'Maintain lists' tab

    Your categories, clients and projects lists are pulled across your accounting software and can be previewed and managed here. Also here you'll find your Bank Accounts and Payment methods.

  • 'Maintain users' tab

    As an admin of a Multi-user account, you can add, suspend and alter details of the users here. To add a user, click the green 'Create a new user' button. To edit or suspend existing users, click the 'Manage' button on your right hand side.

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