The 'Add Items' page

The ‘Add Items’ page allows you to view all of the submission methods available to you and your clients for uploading documents to Receipt Bank.

You can view important details, like the email-in address associated with each Client User, or their established Invoice Fetch suppliers.

This is also where you can submit items to Receipt Bank using the Direct Upload submission method.

The Add Items screen as seen on a Receipt Bank Extract account. The appearance of the Add Items screen is slightly different on other products

The ways you can Add Items to Receipt Bank are:

  • Direct Upload: Upload files from your computer
  • E-mail: E-mail digital documents to a personal Email-in Address to submit items to Receipt Bank
  • Mobile App: Take pictures on the Receipt Bank iOS or Android Mobile App and submit documents directly to the Client Inbox
  • Invoice Fetch: Connect your account to suppliers’ online portals and have Receipt Bank automatically search and download documents at weekly intervals.
  • Tripcatcher: Connect your Receipt Bank account to a Tripcatcher account and have your mileage automatically submitted to Receipt Bank [UK only]
  • Paypal: Connect your Receipt Bank account to a Paypal account have have your purchases automatically submitted to Receipt Bank*
  • DropBox: Connect your Receipt Bank account to a DropBox account and submit items by adding documents to pre-made DropBox folders*

*- Only available on Receipt Bank Streamline or Optimize accounts.

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