How to start a free trial


If you would like to give Receipt Bank a go, but would like to kick the tires before signing up, we offer a 14-day free trial.


You will be asked to fill in a few details - don’t worry, we will not ask for any payment details at this stage - and this will create your personalised Receipt Bank account.

During your trial you can send bills, receipts and invoices via any of our digital ways. We will then extract the key data from your items, and list them in your Inbox where you can download, or send across to an accounting software package that we integrate with.

If you are planning to integrate with an accounting package, we recommend that you do this first, as this will pull across your bespoke Chart of Accounts, to allow you to code your items correctly.

The trial will last for 14 days, and you can submit up to 100 items in this time. If you don't wish to subscribe, your trial will automatically expire in 14 days.

Please share any ideas about improving our trial!

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