The 'Client Inbox' page

The Client Inbox tab is the space to management a Client’s submitted documentation. It’s where you can view new items, edit their associated details and manage your client’s settings.

The Client Inbox consists of a number of sections:


1. Inbox: Displays all new, unpublished documentation. For accounts integrated with Cloud Accounting Software these are sorted into ’Not Ready for Export’ (items that require further review before they can be published) and ‘Ready for Export’ (items that have all the required documentation needed to publish).
2. Archive: This is a storage space for viewing completed documentation. Published items are automatically moved to the Archive.
3. Account Settings: Displays the options and settings associated with the Client Account.

The Inbox displays the essential details associated with an item. You can click on the data in the Type column to enter the Receipt Details page and view a single item in more depth.

The columns in the Inbox indicate the following:

1. ‘User’ Field: Indicates which Client User submitted the item.
2. ‘Type’ Field: Indicates the Type of document has been submitted. (E.G: Invoice, Receipt, Credit Note). Clicking on the Type field for a single item will navigate you to the Receipt Details page, which provides a more in-depth view of the item.
3. 'Date' field: Indicates the date that the document was issued. If Receipt Bank cannot detect a date on the document image, it will use the date that the item was submitted instead.
4. ‘Supplier’ Field: Indicates the supplier who issued the document.
5. ‘Total’ Field: Indicates the currency and total value of the item, including the tax amount.
6. ‘Tax’ Field: Indicates the tax amount of the item.
7. ‘Category’ Field: Indicates which section of your Chart of Accounts this item will be recorded under. You can quickly edit this using the dropdown menu in each row.
8. ‘Note’ Field: Receipt Bank will leave Notes next to items that require attention. These will let you know important information about an item that may not be immediately visible. (E.G: duplicate items that have been submitted and automatically merged).
9. 'Status' field: This indicates whether an item is ready to be published, or requires further information before it can be exported to Cloud Accounting Software. If this item is Ready for Export, a green Publish button will be displayed. If the item is Not Ready for Export, a red icon will be displayed. You can hover your mouse over a Not Ready for Export icon to find out more about what is required before you can Publish an item. You can click on each of these fields to organise your inbox according to their criteria.
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