The 'Inbox' page


Help-Centre_Partner3.gifThe Inbox tab is the centre of your Receipt Bank account.

It is where you'll find your new items, check and edit them. 

Here you can see three sections:

 1. All- where you can find a list of all your items

 2. The ones that have all the data extracted - in ' Ready to export' section

 3.Those who need your attention- listed under 'Not Ready to export'

 4.If you have items in processing, they will appear in the last section - 'In processing'


The basic information about the items is displayed within the first row:

  • To select an item simply tick the box in front of it. 
  • The green 'new' sign means that the item hasn't been reviewed. If you hover above the 'Image' sign, you'll be able to see the item's image. 
  • 'User column' defines the user that sent the item in (for multi-user accounts)
  • 'Type' stands for invoice, receipt, expense report, etc.
  • 'Date' is for the date when the item was issued by the supplier (if we cannot detect it on the item, we put the date when it was sent to us).
  • 'Supplier' - the company which issued the item.
  • 'Tax' - the tax amount for this item. This is a new column in your Inbox that we are proud to present.
  • 'Category' is a field that is better explained here.
  • 'Payment' stands for the credit card used to pay for the item.
  • 'Total' is clearly the total amount of the item and its currency.
  • 'Note' - here we might put some important notes for you.
  • 'Status'- if you click on 'Publish'* the item will be sent across to your accounting software.

*Instead of green 'Publish' button you might see an orange one, saying 'Int error'. No place to worry here- it is just an indication that your account is not integrated.

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