Is the postal service available in my country?

custom_only.pngThe postal service is currently available for subscribed users in the United Kingdom and Australia. Please note that there is an additional cost for this service.

How it works?

 1. Once enabled you will be given a free-post address to send your items to. Simply pop your items in an envelope, add the provided address on the front and your items will arrive in your account a few days later.

 2. Alternatively, for our UK users, we send out receipt bags on every first Wednesday of each month. These arrive in a couple of days at your address (as stated in the 'My details' tab under your 'Account settings' menu. Please assure that you have filled it in correctly).

You can enable postal submission in your Add Items tab under the 'By Post' option. Once enabled you will find our postal address here. Remember to include your Customer Reference Number (CRN) on envelopes that you send to us.

 Also, please note that Receipt Bank cannot track the posted mail until it reaches our location so we recommend using tracked mail.
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