Why was my item rejected?

Unfortunately we can’t process everything that comes our way. There are three main reasons we would reject an item:


1. Item already exists in your account

In this case your rejection notification will state an item number. You can go to your account and search for the same item ID in your Inbox or Archive.

2. Poor image quality

We can’t make out anything useful from the image. This happens when the photo that’s been taken is blurry, dark or simply illegible. If you can’t read it, we can’t either!

If the item arrives with our scanning team in a screwed up and torn fashion, it may well get rejected.

3. Multiple expenses on the same image.

We can’t deal with them because we see multiple dates, total amounts, suppliers, etc. It won't be rejected but won't be processed as well and it will remain as "Not ready" in your Inbox.

But if it is sent via e-mail, each item on a different page to, or uploaded as 'Multiple items in one PDF' - consider it done! 

4. When an item is not a receipt or invoice

It sounds crazy but some folks like to send us photos of their tasty noodles, luxurious clothes, sturdy tables and beautiful faces. It’s nice to see, but doesn’t contain any transactional data so, unfortunately,  we have to reject it.

However, you can find such items within your Inbox, because we handle with respect to every piece of information you send us. And you can easily fill in the necessary data:


1. Open the item to see its 'Item edit page' and edit every field you need.

2. Go back to the Inbox and refresh the page to see how the item changes.

3. Publish, if you wish.

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