Is there a Receipt Bank iPhone app?

custom_extract.pngYes - there is a NEW and improved Receipt Bank iPhone app that allows you to submit from wherever you are!

New features:

  • Only 3 taps to submit a receipt on launching the app (you can turn this setting off in Settings menu - if you’d rather it launch into your 'Inbox list')*
  • Only 4 taps to submit from your gallery.
  • Manage your Receipt Bank Inbox.
  • View the extracted data on the go.
  • Send across to you integrated accounting software.
  • Delete the item from your inbox.

*After initially launching the Mobile app for the first time and signing in, when you open the app again it will launch straight into the camera:

1.Launch the app.
2.Take a picture.
3.Tap submit.


You can also add information to your receipts before sending them to us:
  • Projects 1 and Projects 2
  • Currency
  • Client
  • Description

All of these new features make it easier and quicker for you to manage your receipts and invoices whilst on the go.

It can be downloaded here.

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