What support is offered to my clients?


Receipt Bank will revolutionise the way your clients submit their items, naturally, they may have a few questions regarding how to use Receipt Bank.

Getting clients familiar with how they can submit items via Receipt Bank can be executed by yourself. We provide webinars, training and support through our Onboarding Specialists for all Partners if you are looking to onboard your clients personally.

Alternatively, if you would like us to take care of onboarding your clients we have a specific Client Onboarding Service you can sign up for. This service involves education your clients on the Receipt Bank app directly. We will invite your clients to a webinar, send cheat sheets on how to submit items and answer any queries they may have.

We encourage all Partners to opt into our Client Onboarding Service so that we can ensure your clients fully understand Receipt Bank and its functions. Sign up to this service here today!

Technical queries from yourself or your clients can be addressed in the HelpCentre Database. Alternatively, within all web accounts, users can select the "Need Help" button. The support team are also available to answer any technical questions you may have, as soon as possible. Sensitive information, for example, pricing, privileges and restrictions will not be shared. The client will be directed to contact their accountant/bookkeeper (yourself) should they show an interest in this information.


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