How to integrate with Sage Accounting South Africa

o3ko3i__1_.jpgcustom_extract.pngIt’s simple to integrate your Receipt Bank account with your Sage Accounting South Africa account.

Please login to your Receipt Bank web account and:

 1.Go to your 'Account Settings' menu.

 2.Navigate to the ‘Integration’ tab. If you're on extract account please go to "General" tab and scroll towards the bottom of the page.

 3. Click on the button ‘Choose integration’


 4.Select Sage.

 5. Enter the email and password for your Sage South Africa account:


 6. Connect with the desired company in Sage.


 7. Remember to setup your payment methods so that you can send paid items to Sage Accounting SA*. (*for custom accounts only)


 8. This is it! Follow this article for more info regarding settings!

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