Become a Partner of Receipt Bank - how and why?


Our Partner Programme is tailored for accountants and bookkeepers who are looking to manage the accounts and monitor the progress of multiple clients from a single platform with ease.

Your Dashboard gives full control over your clients' accounts, what clients are able to see and do in their accounts.

No matter the size of your company - from sole practitioners to large practices, you could manage your client bases from multiple locations. The beauty of cloud software allows you and your team to log in and work efficiently.

Further, the Partner Programme gives future possibilities such as growth and increasing profitability by saving both time and money.

Plus all of the above comes with the highest level of Customer Support that ensures any queries you may have are answered quickly, effectively and with a personalised approach.

If you are interested in joining our Partner Programme, please arrange a consultation with a member of our team, which will allow us to learn more about your practice and discuss how Receipt Bank can be implemented to your business as effectively as possible.

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