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sales-metrics-strategy.pngcustom_extract.pngThe vision for the Practice Platform is defined as “To help our Partners increase the efficiency of their bookkeeping!”

With this in mind, we are launching a new feature called Practice View. Practice View gives you insight into the performance of your entire bookkeeping operation, rather than on a client by client level.


Please note that you need to be on the Team or Enterprise Tier of the Practice Platform to see Practice View.

Practice View will only be visible to the account owner who can also invite other users in the firm to have access. This can be done from the Practice ‘Account Settings’. Here you need to open ‘Maintain colleagues’, then ‘Manage’ and ‘Edit users privileges'. The last step is to toggle the “Practice View” setting to ‘ON’.


Practice View is accessed under the Bookkeeping Analysis tab and gives you the power to measure the efficiency of your firm’s entire client base for the first time. These metrics indicate how consistent the monthly process is, and highlight major inefficiencies and areas for improvement you can work on with your team. Click on the metrics below to find out more…

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