'This email has already been taken' message

Email addresses are used to identify the accounts where the items should be placed. This is the reason why each address in Receipt Bank has to be unique.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be real!


If you're trying to set up a new colleague's account and you see the above error message - you have two courses of action!

1.Use a fakemail address - you can set up each user with something like

*Please note that if you do, the user won't be able to receive any info from us, including password reset links, emails about rejected items, updates or news.

2.Contact our dedicated Support team, providing your account details and the email you're having troubles with.

They will take care to free it up in no time!

3. If you're a bookkeeper and your client’s email address has already been used then it will be best to ask them to give you access to their account!

 Just advise them to use this guide!

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