FAQs about Effortless Expense Reports


Will my Effortless Expense Report include items already in my inbox?

Yes, if you select this option on setup. Otherwise the report will start when user next submit their expenses. You are also given the opportunity to apply this whenever you add additional users to your Effortless Expense Reports rule.

How do I edit an Effortless Expense Report once it’s been created?

Your Effortless Expense Report will appear under the ‘Expense Reports’ Tab, and will have "robot" icon next to it. Click to view the report - within the report you can change the category, remove items and change the report’s name. Once you’re happy, you can publish, download or re-bill the report.

How do I change the rules of my Effortless Expense Report?

You can edit the settings for your reports by clicking the ‘Bookkeeper Assist’ icon, then ‘Edit.’ Here you can add additional users or change the close date of your reports.You can also turn off the Effortless Expense report if needed.

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