Effortless Expense Reports


Effortless Expense Reports feature automates the creation of Receipt Bank’s standard Expense Reports. You can choose how often you want reports to be prepared, and for whom, and they’ll be created (and updated) automatically in the Expense Reports tab!

This new tool will allow you to easily and quickly track, review, and reimburse expenses with only a few clicks, while you maintain complete control and transparency over how they’re created.

Тhese reports are suitable for 'expense-only users' ie. users that only submit expense costs/claims.

The best thing is that all items submitted for that user will flow seamlessly straight from the Inbox to the EER without having you to do anything else! 

How to create an Effortless Expense report?

1. From your account open the ‘Expense Reports’ tab.  


2. Click on the ‘Bookkeeper Assist’ icon (the Robot sitting at the top right of the screen):


3. The Effortless Expense Reports wizard opens, hit Next.


4. Choose how often you’d like reports to be created, then click Next.


5. Select when the reports will close - this date also determines when the next round of reports will start. Then, click Next.


6. On the next page, Select which users on the account will require reports, then click Next.


7. Finally, choose whether or not you’d like to include the existing inbox items submitted by these users in the new reports (otherwise, the report will start preparing next time users submit their expenses).


8. Click Create. You’ll be able to edit your settings at any time by clicking ‘Edit.

9. Once the report has been prepared, it will appear in the ‘Expense Reports’ Tab. The Robot icon in the ‘Type’ column shows that has been prepared according to your effortless rules.

In the report you can review the items added, remove any that don’t need to be included and change the category of any item. All items that have been added to the Effortless Expense Report can be found in the Archive.

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