Filter Option in the Client Overview

custom_extract.pngThis Filter enables you to select specific clients' files you would like to work on.

 1.Log into your Partner Dashboard.

 2.Find the 'Filter' icon on the right-hand side of the 'Name' search box and click it.


 3.A new pop up window will appear giving you a couple of filtering options:


’Clients’ - By selecting specific clients, the overview page will only show metrics for the selected clients' files. This includes the sum/average row. Additionally, by selecting the ‘Set selected clients as default on login’, when you next log in, those clients selected last will appear as default.

‘Time’ - Selecting a date range will limit the metrics for the clients' accounts to only reflecting the items within that range.

‘Value’ - Selecting a value range will display the metrics for the clients' files for invoices and receipts which are within that value range.

‘Business Type’ - Selecting the 'Sole trader' option will only show 1Tap clients while clicking 'Small enterprise' will show any Multi-user Receipt Bank clients.

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