How to use Approvers in Receipt Bank

In, you can appoint specific staff members to approve different bills and items.

Receipt Bank pulls these across from when integrated, and populates them under the ‘Client’ list.
You can see these approvers in Receipt Bank by navigating to the ‘Maintain Lists’ section of your account settings (if you’ve enabled as an additional integration, make sure you select the ‘Secondary Clients’ tab):

To assign a specific approver in Receipt Bank:

1.Navigate to a specific bill in the Inbox;
2a.Select the correct approver from the 'Client' dropdown;

(Note that this is the initial approver and will not trigger any workflows)

2b. Alternatively, select from the 'Client' field in the 'Additional Columns' menu;
3. If happy with the item, click 'Publish' as normal;
4. In, the bill will appear as normal, flagged with the specified approver.
If you have additional integrations enabled, make sure you have selected as the publishing location.
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