How to integrate with MYOB AccountRight Live

Please login to your Receipt Bank web account, then follow these:

1.Go into your 'Account Settings' menu.

2. Click on the ‘Integration’ tab.

 3. Click on the button 'Choose integration'.

 4. Select MYOB AccountRight and follow the steps.


 5.You’ll be taken to a MYOB authorisation page: enter your MYOB login details.

 6.You’ll then be redirected back to Receipt Bank. Select the client account you wish to integrate with, and your username and password for it.

If you're selecting your own account to integrate with, it's likely your username is 'Administrator,' and you'll have no password.
7.Once the integration is complete, make sure to select a default tax rate and a default freight rate (we recommend this as GST Free (0%))

Please note that if you do not select a tax rate on items, they’ll be published to MYOB with these rates applied. Why not set a supplier rule to help automate this?
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