How to solve 'Unreconciled Items' error message with Xero


You may have noticed that some of your clients’ ‘Unreconciled Items’ metrics on your Practice Platform dashboard have been flagged with warning icons and the following message:

In these cases, the 'Unreconciled Items' information has been pulled incorrectly due to the Xero access level of the user who originally integrated the accounts.

To correct this message, either:

A.Change the Xero permissions of the user who conducted the integration to allow them to view “All Reports” (see Xero’s help centre for more information):

Then, navigate to the "Maintain Lists" section of your client's Account Settings and click "Reload all lists:"


B.Re-integrate the account with Xero using an account with the correct permissions (e.g. an Advisor). See our help centre page for how to do so.

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