What if my Client has submitted an Unclaimable Item?

If your sole trader clients submit unclaimable expenses, such as non-work attire, to 1Tap, you can mark it as ‘Unclaimable’ so there’s still a record of the transaction if it ends up being claimable after all.

You can find the ‘Unclaimable’ items at the bottom of the category list in the 1Tap web inbox:

To mark an item as Unclaimable:

1.Drag the item using the grip icon into the ‘Unclaimable’ box:

2.Alternatively, check the 'Unclaimable' box in the item detail popup:

Your client will see that you've flagged them as unclaimable the next time they log into the 1Tap mobile app:

To see or action any of the unclaimable items, just click ‘Unclaimable’ on the inbox view. You're able to edit the items like any other, and can return them to the claimable categories if required.


Note that all items in 'Unclaimable' will not be included in any of the total metrics on the inbox page, or in the data downloads.

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