Outstanding Paperwork


This feature is part of the Client Communication package, and included in Optimize and Practice Platform subscriptions.

‘Outstanding Paperwork ’ is a column on the ‘Bookkeeping Analysis’ tab and empowers you to ensure that your clients’ accounts are as complete as possible at any given moment!

It’s complementary to the ‘Missing Paperwork’ stat, but ‘Outstanding Paperwork’ recognises which transactions from your client’s bank feed lack their supporting document and are pending reconciliation. It also detects if there's already a matching item in Receipt Bank or Xero, even if it has not been approved for reconciliation yet. This way you’re provided with a real-time report of only those expense documents that haven’t been submitted by your clients.

1.Go to the ‘Bookkeeping Analysis ’ tab.

2.In the ‘Outstanding Bookkeeping ’ section of the screen, the ‘Outstanding Paperwork ’ column provides you with the exact number of unsubmitted items for each client.


3.Green, amber or red is used to signify if there’s a critical number of missing items.

4.Click on the number to see a complete list of those items that need to be reconciled, but haven’t been submitted to Receipt Bank or aren’t already somewhere in Xero (e.g. in drafts).


5. Enter any notes or queries you have about the items.

6. Use the Advanced search option to filter by bank account, date range or amount so that you can quickly customize the report for specific outstanding items that you need, ahead of sending it to your client.

7. Tick the checkboxes next to those transactions for which you’d like to inquire with your client then hit the “Share” button.


8. You get the options to download a CSV spreadsheet, a PDF file, or a Google Sheet with the selected list of unsubmitted items that you can easily email to your client with your notes included. More importantly, you can send the list straight to their mobile device with the option “Send to Phone”.


9.Once sent, your client will receive a push notification on their mobile device notifying them that an Outstanding Paperwork report is now available. This allows them to quickly review and submit the requested items, all from within the Receipt Bank mobile app!

10. You can check the status of the requested items within the outstanding report in the web app. A grey icon shows that a request has been sent to your client’s mobile app, while a red icon shows that your client has dismissed the requested item.

The ‘Outstanding Paperwork’ feature is currently available only for accounts integrated with Xero.If an item is still in processing, it will be shown as missing in the ‘Outstanding Paperwork’ report.The metric updates once a day with the initial log-in and considers all bank items going back 6 months, for all client bank accounts within their respective Xero account.
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