Receipt Bank Extract and Xero integration

It’s simple to link with your Xero!

Please login to your Receipt Bank Extract web account, then open your 'Account Settings' menu.

1. You'll be taken to the 'General' tab. Click 'Choose Integration', select Xero and follow the steps.


2.You can now submit items via email, mobile app or TripCatcher (UK).


3.The system will auto-code your items, where possible. You can review and amend them afterwards.


4.Invoices, credit notes and receipts will be published in Draft section of the Purchase ledger as not paid.


5.Duplicate items will be merged to prevent errors in your Xero. You can split these if you like.

6. If you're on a multi-user account, you can add up to 5 admin users from the Maintain users tab.


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