What is item messaging?

custom_extract.pngItem Messaging allows you to communicate directly with your accountant!

If they have a question, they’ll send you a message alongside the item you’ve submitted, so you can easily see what they’re querying. You can reply there and then so issues are resolved quickly!

1.To see your message, you need to make sure you’ve updated your mobile app!* You can update the iOS app here and Android here.

*Please note you need Android version 4.4 or higher to receive messages. No limits for iOS.

2.Check if your notifications settings are turned on. These are found in the app settings on your device.

3.If you have a message from your accountant or bookkeeper, you’ll receive a notification.


4.When in the app, you can open your notification centre to view any unread messages.

5.Click to open the message. Use the tabs at the top of the screen to view the item.

6.Type your message in the message box, then when you’re happy, click send.


Note that you can only reply to messages when you’re online.

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