How to send an item message?

custom_extract.pngItem messaging gives you effortless communication between you and your clients!

  • You can quickly resolve issues around items without stressful email chains and delays!
  • Plus you keep all conversations safe in Receipt Bank, directly attached to the item and stored in the archive once published! 
  • You can also send an item message to your practice colleagues! Go to your Practice Management account and send a message from any item in the inbox in the same way as below. Your colleague will receive the message straight to their mobile app, or they can reply in the web app! You can use this to query any of your firm’s internal expenses or try out item messaging for yourself before contacting your clients.

How to:

1. Make sure you have upgraded to Practice Platform!


2. Head to the Account settings -> Account details and choose whether to have the messages signed by the company or the exact colleague sending them:


3. In the Inbox, click the item you need to query.


4. On the right hand side, click the ‘Messages’ tab and you will see a message box. 


5. Check that the user you want to contact is using the mobile app.


6.If they’re not, it’s easy to get them connected using SMS invite!


7. Type in your message in the box and click ‘Send’.


8.Your message will be sent to the user who submitted the item and will start the conversation.


9.When your client has replied, you’ll see the message in your notification centre.


10.Click there to return to the item.

11. Then you can send more messages, or continue editing the item as normal.


Once published, the item will move to the Archive with all communication safely attached.

Once in the archive, you cannot send any more messages!

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